Buy PUBG Mobile UC With Tether USDT Crypto

How to redeem PUBG Mobile UC Gift Card Code

Follow these simple steps to redeem your PUBG Mobile UC Gift Card:

  • Go to the PUBG Mobile redeem page.
  • Fill in your Character ID.
  • Enter the code you received from us in the “Redeem Code” field.
  • Verify your entry and click on “Redeem”.

Done! Your Unknown Cash is added to your account balance.

TroubleshootingDo you get an error? Or do you see a parameter error?

Follow these instructions to solve the problem:

  • Log in or create an account at Midasbuy.
  • Access the “PUBG Mobile purchase” page.
  • Tap “Redeem”.
  • Enter your Player ID and redeem code.
  • Confirm.
  • Your UC will be visible in your account when you return to the game!

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