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Buy XBOX Gift Card – One of Microsoft’s best products is the Xbox, which has many fans. One of the most important features of this professional product is its gift cards, which are offered at low and reasonable prices. This type of gift card is called a small gift card. Like Microsoft’s $ 1 Xbox Gift Card, which has a lot of applicants. Of course, unlike the PlayStation, which has no small amounts and starts at $ 10, Xbox gift cards are also available from $ 2 to $ 5.

Buy XBOX Gift Card 1 USD USA 1$ and Turkey

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The Xbox Gift Card is a great gift for gamers and all those who love computer games and Xbox. Such cards can be used to buy the latest Xbox games, apps, movies, TV shows, and more. There are no extra worries and costs for the expiration date of this type of gift card. This digital gift code is suitable for purchase in the online store of Microsoft Windows and Xbox. Microsoft offers cards and subscriptions such as Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, each of which can be used to purchase popular in-game games, apps and add-ons, software, apps, movies and more.

XBOX live Gift Card 1$ USD and Turkey:

One of the best-selling Xbox gift cards can be called the 1$ gift card USD, which is used to buy Game Pass Ultimate
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How long does it take for the Xbox Gift Card code to be sent:

Our site will send the Xbox Gift Card to your customers with immediate delivery, and immediately after purchase, you can view the Xbox Gift Card code, and these codes will also be emailed to you.

Why should we trust GotyHub?

Because GotyHub site buys XBOX Gift Card Codes directly from the company and offers them to the customer without distance and interface, and this makes the security of XBOX Gift Card Codes reach its highest level and is easily available to users.

How to redeem your code

Follow these simple steps to redeem your Xbox Gift Card code:

On an Xbox One:

  • Sign in on your console.
  • Press the Xbox button on your controller.
  • Select ‘Store’ icon from the bottom of the menu.
  • From the left-hand menu select “Redeem”.
  • Enter the 25-digit code in the field provided.
  • Click “Check code” to confirm.

On an Xbox 360:

  • Sign in to your console.
  • Press the Xbox Guide button on your controller.
  • Select ‘Games and Apps’ and then ‘Redeem Code’.
  • Enter the code you received from us.
  • Confirm.


  • Go to  redeem.microsoft.com.
  • Sign in with your login info and enter the code you received from us.
  • Follow the prompts to confirm.

On mobile:

  • Open the Xbox mobile app and sign in.
  • Select the ‘menu’ button in the upper left corner.
  • Select ‘Microsoft Store’ from the list and then ‘Redeem a code’.
  • Enter the code you received from us.
  • Confirm.

On Windows 10 PC

  • Sign in to your PC/Microsoft account.
  • Click the ‘start’ button and search for ‘store’, then select ‘Microsoft Store’.
  • Select ‘more’ then ‘Redeem a code’.
  • Enter the code you received from us.
  • Confirm.

Congratulations, the operation was successful and your account was charged 🙂

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