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Buy License windows 11 Pro Retail – Microsoft product manager Panos Panayi said at the unveiling that in the new version, users have tried to get the feel of the previous versions. In the design, it should also be added that it no longer resembles the live tiles of Windows 8 and has found a menu similar to Mac, Android and Chrome. In the menu, you can access installed apps, recently installed apps, and the search box. The edges of the windows in Windows 11 are curved, which is unlike Windows 10, and this is an attractive appearance.

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The Microsoft CEO also added that for a striking appearance, the company has combined a dark and light theme with a better design. An interesting feature that we are going to see in Windows 11 is called Snap Layouts. With this feature, people can choose the programs they want. This has greatly contributed to an easy and better user experience. Great features are included in this version so that the audience of this operating system can once again trust Microsoft and use it on their PC.

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